What can you learn from an accidental farm?

The Accidental Farm

Sep 1 2021 • 3 mins

Whether you live in a sky-scraping city tower, a suburban family home or in a rural community, the Accidental Farm Podcast has a thing or two to share that will give you an escape from your daily life. Do you suffer from password resets and endless customer service hold times, Zoom meetings and to do lists? This is your antidote. Not only does this little Accidental Farm have hilarious characters and unbelievable mishaps, but it's chock full of life lessons whether you are looking for them or not. Come along for the ride -- 5 minutes or so Monday through Friday -- and see if this Accidental Farm has something for you. A laugh. A way of thinking. A friend or two. I look forward to sharing the farm with you. xoxo Farm Girl/Dana If you have questions, requests or suggestions, find me @xoxofarmgirl on Instagram. xo