SoCo Drinking Pants, McD Gaming Chairs, Miller Lite Tree Keg Stands - LIVE! Big Promo Cast Ep 138

Big Promo Cast

Nov 10 2022 • 8 mins

Ep 138 11-10-2022

This week Rich is flying solo, bringing you the latest in merch marketing! Southern Comfort has release 'drinking pants' that include a shot glass pocket, and their slogan emblazoned across the ass - kind like the Juicy Mayo pants from last week's episode. McDonalds UK is giving away a 'gaming chair' as part of a sweepstakes. Starbucks has released their 25th anniversary cups, and this year they're surprisingly not controversial at all. And Miller Lite is offering a Christmas Tree Keg Stand for your holiday festivities.

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This week's topics:

Southern Comfort Launches Limited-Edition Drinking Pants to Make Thanksgiving Eve Festivities So Tasteful

Southern Comfort "So Tasteful" :30 - YouTube

Southern Comfort Drinking Pants | Southern Comfort/Apparel | Sazerac House

McDonalds Unveils the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair for McGamers - Prima Games

McDonald's Created a Grease-Proof Gaming Chair

Miller Lite's Christmas Tree Stand Has Room for a Keg

Miller Lite's Christmas Tree Stand – Miller Lite Shop

Creators Pod

Ecamm for Mac

Take One Tech's Ecamm Course by Alec Johnson


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