Big Promo Cast Ep 038 - Sesame Street, White Castle, Social Distancing Logos

Big Promo Cast

Nov 15 2020 • 13 mins

Ep 038 11-14-2020 Powered by Restream NOTE: We’re now doing these LIVE on YouTube and Facebook every week! Be here Saturdays at 1 PM Central Time. Here are links to the topics on the episode: Torchy's Tacos Pocket Sandwich Theater - Attack of the Killer Mutant Leeches 2021 Calendars Mr Beast on Youtube Business Lessons from Sesame Street Brandivate Blog by Bill Petrie White Castle promotes Thanksgiving stuffing recipe with Coolio Cookin' with Coolio Tim Chantarangsu on YouTube McDonald's and other brands are making 'social distancing' logos So I guess we’re in the PPE business now Neck Gaitors Point of Sale Counter Shields --- #bigpromotions #biggerfish #mybigpromo #bigpromoswag #swag #merch #promotionalproducts Links to this podcast Marketing Brew Newsletter Morning Brew Newsletter Elgato Stream Deck (affiliate link) Switchpod by Pat Flynn (affiliate link) Tiny Giant by Harris Heller Rich's Vlog Big Promo Cast on SoundCloud Sign up for our monthly newsletter Big Promotions! c.2020 Biggerfish, Dallas TX USA 381 Casa Linda Plaza, Suite 200 Dallas, Texas 75218 USA 1-800-600-0283