Gen Z Nurses Concerned About Burnout

Bloomberg Businessweek

Jun 21 2022 • 28 mins

Dr. Iman Abuzeid, Co-Founder and CEO at Incredible Health, discusses helping nurses find jobs and manage their careers. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber and Bloomberg News Senior Washington Correspondent Saleha Mohsin share the details of Saleha's Businessweek Magazine story Janet Yellen Is Getting Trapped in the Blame Game Over Inflation. Bloomberg News Editor in Chief John Micklethwait interviews Elon Musk from the Qatar Economic Forum about his plans to take over Twitter. And we Drive to the Close with Jeff Jeff Krumpelman, Chief Investment Strategist at Mariner Wealth Advisors.
Hosts: Tim Stenovec and Katie Greifeld. Producer: Paul Brennan.

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