Mat McGann: Roam for Teamwork, Health Horizon


Oct 26 2020 • 1 hr 13 mins

In this episode, we talk with Matt McGann, who is the founder of Health Horizon. tracking upcoming health technologies as they develop in real time for companies, investors, and innovators as well.

He is also the creator of Roam for Teamwork: covering multiplayer knowledge bases, where everything is connected and nothing is duplicated. How to set up Rome as a place where teamwork naturally builds a coherent repository of the organization's knowledge. So if you are interested in setting up a multi-player Roam for your team, this is a great resource for you. You can find this

Starting off with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the Australian National University and getting into entrepreneurship, Mat is now working on Health Horizon, managing a team of four on a shared Roam Graph. So this episode will be all about processes, methods, product management and more, all on detailed Roam-specific processes. We are going to get technical In this episode.
We talked about:

  • Starting a podcast about academia and getting paid $10k for 5 episodes
  • How Mat stepped away from academic papers and focused on popular scientific breakthroughs
  • The mission behind Health Horizon
  • Mat's multiplayer workflow: queries to sprints, Sales CRM, tasklist management, pseudo-notifications and more
  • Why multiplayer Roam is the inverse of singleplayer Roam

And more. Enjoy!


  • 2:30 $10,000 for 5 podcast episodes on academia
  • 9:20 Why is his website called Unlamed?
  • 11:23 [[Science Communication]], and losing interest in science
  • 13:52 Academic papers are more about accountability
  • 16:32 Making the jump from academia to entrepreneurship
  • 18:40 Barrier comparisons between physics and biology/medicine
  • 20:33 What happened to these promising medical breakthroughs? Health Horizon's story
  • 23:41 Who it's for: Health innovation, Roam Medical, etc.
  • 26:08 Discovering Roam by mistake during Christmas
  • 30:03 An Inverse graph, implementing Roam into [[Health Horizon]]
  • 31:58 Health Horizon workflow: The Attention page
  • 33:07 Sidebar shortcuts, tags and deliverables
  • 36:23 Splitting notifications into multiple types
  • 40:23 How [[Health Horizon]] runs sprints in Roam
  • 44:34 Pagination and standardization saves time
  • 46:13 Restructuring in Roam has little friction
  • 48:17 Using attributes to enforce structure and summarize
  • 50:54 Tracking new sales opportunities: an example
  • 54:56 Sales are a case by case basis, no templates
  • 56:39 Recreating Team Excel in Roam
  • 58:06 Mat's requests: notifications and dropdown
  • 1:02:50 Transcribing physical books and margins into Roam
  • 1:08:32 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it?]]
  • 1:10:52 [[What does Roam mean to you?]]


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