Andy Narracott: Finding Impact, Social Entrepeneurship and Philanthropy (V1)


Nov 25 2020 • 1 hr 7 mins

In this episode, we talk with Andy Narracott, Founder of Finding Impact, a practical resource for social entrepreneurs in the trenches, making things happen against all odds. This includes the Finding Impact Podcast, with weekly interviews on strategy, tactics, and practical advice on helping you build your social enterprise, as well as his newsletter.

Andy, a consultant with a background in international development, focusing on sanitation has quite an interesting background. So reaching out to him, I wanted to ask about his workflows. His fields of interest and everything in between.

We talked about:

  • How he discovered Roam Research and how he's been taking notes before discovering this tool
  • Workflows on how he uses Roam for work, as well as a personal knowledge management system, deep in the fields of sanitation, international development, and social entrepreneurship.
  • The meaning of impact. How do you find it in any business that you do?
  • The flaws of philanthropy, introducing something else that is much more effective.
  • A public graph for global development: What is the architecture behind it? How do you visualize the graph? What kind of information should be put in and much more?



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