Lessons in Leadership from CERPP

Wendy Marshall

The Center for Enrollment Leadership, Policy, and Practice at USC's mission is to foster equity and expertise in college access, admission, and outcomes. We believe that access and success in education are the foundations of social mobility, educational equity, and the building of strong nations and societies. In higher education and independent schools alike, enrollment managers lead organizations, offices, and institutions toward these lofty goals. They apply knowledge and skills, expertly practice, and current research to navigate the trade-offs and opportunities for students and their families, institutions, and policy makers alike. But how does the emerging EM professional navigate the dynamic education landscape to attain the position that enables access to the opportunity to lead? Said differently, How do you advance yourself professionally, for the purpose of advancing others?The practices, habits of mind, war stories, and career crossroads traversed by both seasoned and rising leaders provide insight on how to move from where you are to where you aspire to be as a professional in EM and related roles.This podcast, Lessons in Leadership, aims to capture those insights and bring them directly to you.The best advice and worst missteps, acts of proactivity and serendipity, and inspiring moments, mentors, and milestones, are shared through the voices and experiences of EM practitioners from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and pathways. read less