Chapter 4 - When Savvy Businesswomen Unite - Introducing E. Danielle Butler

Raising Rebeca Books

Jan 18 2024 • 52 mins

On this episode of Raising Rebeca Books, we meet the incomparable E. Danielle Butler, Acquisitions Editor for Rebeca Books. Listen in as Rebeca and Danielle have a fun discussion about Danielle's background, her role at Rebeca Books, and what kinds of stories she's looking to acquire.

Danielle is a truly lovely, wise soul and it’s an honor to have her aboard.

If you wish to have your work considered for publication by Rebeca Books, please follow the instructions for submission at or with the instructions below.

We accept submissions from both authors and agents. To submit your work for acquisition, please email us a book proposal containing five sections:
  1. Book Summary (1 page or less)
  2. Author Bio (1 page or less, you're welcome to include a photo)
  3. Similar Works (name 3-5 other books/authors that are like yours/you, and tell us how yours/you are different)
  4. Reach Analysis (give us an overview of your relationships and presence in the world, which enables us to see how we can alert others to your book's launch)
  5. Sample Writing (1-3 chapters of the work you're pitching)
Submissions that do not contain these five elements will not be considered. (Sorry! We love ya, but we really need you to follow directions for this relationship to start off on the right foot.)
Please use the subject line: For Acquisition Consideration - WRITER LAST NAME
Email address: submissions - at - rebecabooks - dot - com