Chapter 2 - Throwing Snowballs in Sunshine

Raising Rebeca Books

Dec 4 2023 • 13 mins

Welcome to the second episode of “Raising Rebeca Books, the birth of a publishing house.” This is the audio story of Rebeca Seitz building a traditional, royalty-paying publishing house from the ground up – told to you as it unfolds. You’ll hear from the authors, agents, printers, editors, marketers, salespeople, designers – all the team members needed to take words from an idea in a writer’s mind to a book in a reader’s hand.

It’s the first full week of December. Over the weekend the family went to a Snowfest where, in the balmy 85-degree day of their little beach town, they snagged handfuls of snow from the trucked in supply and threw snowballs at each other. Rebeca seems to live incongruity in all levels of life. Who – in this economy – would think starting a book publishing business is a good idea? And, even if they did, who would limit it to women writers 40 and over, writing business and romance books about women 40 and over? And, even if you were crazy enough to think those were all good ideas, why would you ever consider announcing it right at the start of the holiday season? If you knew Rebeca better, you’d know the 45 years of stories in her life that only make sense in the last chapter, not on page 1. She's someone who just enjoys throwing snowballs in sunshine.