Chapter 1 - Birth of a Publishing House

Raising Rebeca Books

Nov 28 2023 • 12 mins

Starting and growing a business is, for Rebeca Seitz, similar to being a parent. The nexus of it grows quietly, in darkness, tucked away from the public eye for a long period of time. Only a handful of others know that it's there, steadily gaining traction. Then, the quiet time is over. Life is brought into this world with a lot of pain and joy. As the weeks, months, and years peel off the calendar, the new being receives her time, talent, efforts, love, and care.

Rebeca spent many months in quiet with it, working out its details in scores of spreadsheets and summary statements, sharing it with a small handful of trusted people. On November November 20, she shared this new business baby on TikTok and Facebook. And now, with this podcast, you get a front-row seat to Raising Rebeca Books.