The Twilight Zone - S2E11

Those Were The Days

Dec 20 2022 • 48 mins

You're entering... The Twilight Zone, with your friends from Those Were The Days! We took on an episode of Twilight Zone that certainly sticks with the vibe of the show, but may just surprise you in how it all plays out. We hope you dig this episode as much as we did!

Next week, we're starting back on our listener chosen themes like we did before the holidays. This next theme is: COOKING SHOWS! Can't wait to see what the crew picks this time.

First up is Travis! BUT he doesn't have his episode picked. Keep this podcast in your feed and we'll update you next week on what to watch.

Speaking of next week, we're all taking a Christmas break, so there won't be an episode. We'll be putting out a re-run for you and we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the wonderful year, everyone! Enjoy the holidays!

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