Home Improvement - S6E7

Those Were The Days

Nov 1 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor was a household name when it comes to mid-90's sitcoms. Home Improvement was an incredibly popular show and stayed that way through most of its run. There was something about Tim's bafoonery, Jill's tolerance, and the real life (but elevated) situations that they found themselves in. It was a show that did what all good shows do in that it put people in everyday situations but with just enough of a tweak to keep things light. Tim was an everyman, and every man wanted to watch a reflection of themselves in his childlike joy about horsepower.

We had a good time with this one.

Next week, Amy works her magic with Bewitched - S3E7! You can catch this one on Freevee (formerly IMDBtv)

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