“Let it Go”

Time with-self

Jul 28 2022 • 2 mins

“Let it Go” ( I wrote ✍🏼 this as a reminder for myself) I’m aware that

life is hard as it is and the more I grow and evolve I have to learn to let go of those things that are no longer serving me any purpose or is just holding my progress in any way. I also understand that the more I ask for new and better things the less resistance I need to have. All I can do is hope that what is meant to be will be and what is not will leave peacefully, lovingly, and gracefully. 🌟🔑 Stay growing and evolving to be the greatest being we was meant to be✨ #trusttheprocess #followthelight #letitgo #ABetterMeABetterWorld #writing #purpose #frequencies #energy