Storage Nerds

Stacy Rossetti

Would you be interested in investing in the best kept secret in the real estate investing world?

Meet the “Grassroots Guru in Self-Storage”, Stacy Rossetti, who spends her time not only investing in self-storage but teaching other how to do this as well. She focuses on her three-step process Finding Them, Funding Them and Running Them and teaches key concepts such as creative deal structuring and finding private lenders to fund your deals.

Let Stacy help you get your foot in the door in the self-storage industry by learning not only how to find what she calls the “hidden market”, but also talking to owners and getting them to be the bank.

And for those looking for a new source of income, these properties are excellent passive investments. Get the best financial strategies on StorageNerds with Stacy Rossetti.

Named after Stacy’s mastermind, this webinar-style podcast is your guide to the storage investing world. If you are just starting out or unfamiliar with how this industry works, you are in the right place. Learn how to prepare for a facility purchase, negotiate with sellers, and close the deal swiftly.

Stacy showcases her very own three-step process in storage investing. She discloses how to find spaces to put money into, how to fund them, and the most efficient ways to run them. Whether you face financial problems, have trouble researching, or have minimal property management experience, Stacy has the solutions.

From start to finish, Stacy understands the process extremely well. She owns almost a thousand doors. Her invaluable knowledge in this industry is something you have to hear. One episode at a time, you can emulate her investment success and even go beyond it.

It is about getting your foot in the door and making your first step towards a highly profitable investment. She knows that jumping into a new business venture is a crucial stage for everyone. That's why she focuses on helping beginners build a business foundation that lasts a long time.

Combine your storage space interest with high confidence and a burning dedication to invest. Know that nothing can stand in your way of a steady flow of cash. Winning in passive investing means winning in life. Achieve your dream lifestyle without the busy grind.

This is your chance to make money work for you, one storage space at a time. Get on your feet and find storage facilities with the highest return on investment odds. Then turn to Stacy for the best investment advice you can't find anywhere else.

Your flourishing passive income starts NOW. Get storage spaces up and running with Stacy Rossetti’s help. Start listening to StorageNerds today at

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