A Sober Midlife?

Old Chicks Know Sh*t Podcast

Jan 28 2021 • 37 mins

Today's episode is all about alcohol. From the occasional drink to a glass or two every night, how do you know if alcohol is a problem in your life? I talk with Lori Massicot who is a Life & Sober Coach for midlife women. Lori shares the story of her 30-year journey with alcohol and how she knew that it was becoming a problem for her.

We talk about what it means to be sober curious, societal pressures and self-awareness around drinking. Lori encourages us to look at how our relationship with alcohol is impacting our relationships, careers and even personal goals. We talk at length about how alcohol is impacting the many hormonal changes and menopause symptoms that we experience at this time of life.

Lori shares how to navigate social pressures around drinking and create boundaries, along with tips on how to get out of the habit of drinking.

Book mention: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Learn more about Lori:

Lori Massicot is a Life & Sober coach for women over 40 because she knows how tough aging can be, especially when you mix it with alcohol.  She helps women restructure their days to align with a sober lifestyle to give the time and space to process how to think, feel, and do, all in a "NO BS fluffy" kind of way. A Sober Lifestyle is a catalyst to transform all areas of life from health and wellness to relationships to money and career goals and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

Her website is www.lorimassicot.com.

Check out her Podcast, 'To 50 and Beyond' - lorimassicot.com/to50andbeyondpodcast

Her membership community called 'Elevate' can be accessed here - https://www.lorimassicot.com/elevatenow