The 4 Simple Steps to Get Better at Anything

Kosmo Unfiltered

Dec 13 2022 • 11 mins

Hey everyone and thanks for joinin’ us for episode 55 of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Every single year people make a ton of different New Years’ Resolutions.

And how many of them do they stick to? … Not many.

So in today’s episode of Kosmo Unfiltered, we’re gonna talk about how you can get better at new things, and finally stick to them, too.

Make sure to check it out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The first thing you gotta do to get better at anything (02:44)
  • My ‘brain-dumping’ method (03:30)
  • How I organize my priorities (05:40)
  • How to get started (08:35)
  • Episode wrap-up (11:30)

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