Lonely TTRPG EP 41 - Waveform City Blues by Thunderegg

Lonely TTRPG

Mar 20 2023 • 25 mins

Jack into Waveform City, a half-digital megalopolis of the tomorrow that should have been. Inspired by synthwave and darkwave music, the art of Patrick Nagel, and the ethos of the Outrun movement, Waveform City Blues is an immersive take on classic 80’s design and aesthetics.

This is a solo cyberpunk game that presents evocative plot generators, scene creation and narration tools, then steps back to allow you to discover the emergent story. It’s based on the DOMINUS system created by the Dominus Collective, an anonymous group of authors and designers from Brazil. There are an extra set of pages in this book that provide for easier NPC generation, as well as guidance for conflicts, including several options for non-combat challenges.

Thoughts: This is a game with a strong aesthetic and great prompts to help develop gameplay.

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