The TED Interview


Sit down with author and podcaster Steven Johnson to hear from leading thinkers and creators from around the world. The TED Interview is a space for guests to further delve into their groundbreaking work, give us a peek into how they discover and explore fascinating ideas, and, in some cases, even defend their thinking. This season, we’re looking at the future of intelligence. Ponder how we can train ourselves to see into the future with Jane McGonigal, find the humanities in science with Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and listen in on the thought processes of Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Jennifer Egan. Welcome to your front-row seat to great conversations with the world’s brightest minds.

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Our Editor's Take

The TED Interview podcast offers insight into today's most creative minds. On each episode, host Steven Johnson interviews special guests. David Deutsch, Jennifer Doudna, Susan David, and others share their passion for innovation. Topics range from emotional intelligence to artificial intelligence. The conversations are enthralling.

Show host Johnson is an innovator himself. He's written over a dozen books on popular science and media theory. His most acclaimed books include Enemy of All Mankind and Everything Bad is Good for You. He asks the right questions as an experienced podcast and television host. TED Talks have brought the work of scientists, psychologists, and creators to the public for more than three decades. With The TED Interview, the organization shares sit-down conversations instead of formal presentations. In these conversations, guests divulge more of their theories and inventions.

This podcast allows listeners into the workings of great minds. For example, Demis Hassabis reveals the future of AI. His thinking can be controversial. Buthe created some of today's most remarkable technological developments. He's trying to teach computers how to think like humans. No one knows how the world might change if he succeeds. In another episode, Jane McGonigal talks about predicting the future. She created a game in 2008 that simulated a future pandemic. Did McGonigal foresee the Coronavirus pandemic? She reveals how people can become futurists and the importance of imagination.

How does the human brain work? What would happen if scientists could amplify the senses? What humans could perceive is beyond current understanding. But David Eagleman is not letting this stop him. His research re-evaluates the meaning of being human. He is a neuroscientist and author who investigates the boundaries of the mind. One human mind that captivates many is Elon Musk's. He wants to build an exciting future for humankind, wherever that may take the species. Musk's creating humanlike robots, new forms of space travel, and neuro developments that may extend the human lifespan.

The TED Interview might be excellent for those interested in innovations transforming the world. Replete with new and exciting information, this podcast may transfix listeners everywhere.

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