The MACH Alliance Podcast

MACH Alliance

Businesses need help to adapt and adapt fast. And technology is a big part of being able to do just that. The MACH Alliance advocates for a new approach to enterprise technology. An open and agile approach. And that’s how we’ll approach our podcast. An open look at technology, customer experiences, at the business needs surrounding it all. We’ll bridge tech and business conversations, talk to guests that are tech leaders, independent experts, those who have done it and lived to tell the tale. We’ll tell the actual stories, in gritty detail. Because people should know what it takes, so they can be prepared to do it right. This is The MACH Alliance Podcast, a show about enterprise digital transformation, one that goes beyond theory and best practices. We bring you into the room with enterprise leaders who are embracing cutting-edge technology for good reason, and ask them: what does it really take to fundamentally change an enterprise? read less