Bypassing the hesitancy for change: Making a business case for MACH with Peter Burggraaff

The MACH Alliance Podcast

Apr 23 2021 • 40 mins

Shaping the tomorrow for an enterprise cannot rely on how they got to today. They need to dare to let go of what they feel comfortable with, says Peter Burggraaff, Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group.

More and more enterprises are making the move to MACH, but there’s still a high level of hesitancy at an executive level surrounding change. So how can you make the business case for MACH? Well, it starts with clearly defining the reason you want to change and then the uses cases.

Peter joined Sonja Keerl, Vice President of the MACH Alliance, to discuss the rethink businesses need surrounding their IT technology and within their organisation, as well as the need for use cases to be driving the change, not just because a business wants MACH.

Key highlights:

  • Enterprises must have a technological and organisational rethink. They must have discussions not just around IT but around the people, the organization, the skills needed for the future and how they work can together both internally and in collaboration with business partners.
  • Enterprises must be thinking from a use case driven approach. This then allows businesses to define the technology needed to do that, the building blocks and organisation needed to build and support it.

  • Being specific in the articulation of digital change is a big weakness, especially at a C-suite or board level. More and more the need for change is clear, the ambition to do something digital is clear, and the need to accelerate is clear. But what businesses aren’t clear on is what it is they want to change and how fast they want to go.

  • Retailers must “not only decompose the architecture but decompose the journey to value creation.” While most retailers typically spend around 1-1.5% of revenue on technology, truly digital retailers spend 5-7%. Yes, businesses may spend more but they will become more efficient, and develop greater opportunities to grow.