Sprinting to the start line: Adopting MACH in a B2B business with Gireesh Sahukar

The MACH Alliance Podcast

Apr 22 2021 • 36 mins

With over 100 years under their belt, Dawn Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients in over 100 countries. But with little to no eCommerce and digital presence, they were left asking themselves “what do we need to do to stay in business for the next 100 years?” It wasn’t just about surviving, but evolving and thriving.

They quickly realised they needed to be where their customers were – online – and they couldn’t just rely on person-to-person sales in the modern age. So Gireesh Sahukar, VP of Digital at Dawn Foods, joined to help kick start their digital innovation with all roads leading to an API-first, microservices approach.

Gireesh joined Rory Dennis to discuss in-depth their digital transformation, including how they decided upon a MACH-based approach, how they launched in 22 weeks, and what success and value they’ve realised as a result.

Key highlights:

  • When researching and talking to vendors there was no architectural disagreement – everything was about being API driven and API first.

  • You can really spin up a compelling B2B experience in a short period of time. Dawn Foods went from no code, no team, and no requirements to a full-blown launch in just 22 weeks. And with technology evolving at pace, Gireesh believes this would be even quicker if done now, possibly as low as 16 weeks.

  • Getting to launch is just the starting point. It’s not the finish line. Dawn Foods has been able to constantly iterate, pushing live over 40 different capabilities to the platform that have each driven conversion and engagement.

  • By every metric defined Dawn Food’s digital transformation has been a success. Customer adoption and engagement, order value, conversion, everything has surpassed the goals they set.