TL;DW - Mat Reviews Kirby games from NES to Switch


Mar 29 2022 • 6 mins

I tried the Switch Kirby demo and was shocked by how it felt like a 3DS game. Had some fun but felt like either the demo or the game wasn't very polished and ultimately thought I didn't need to bother with the franchise.  Luckily, Horky and Solace encouraged me to try the older kirby games on NES and SNES, and boy am I glad I did!    They were instantly a lot of fun with their tight mechanics, challenge and boundless creativity. They also had the weird mix of being released late on systems (after the next gen had come out) and also looking like they were a port of the previous gen (nes felt like gameboy, snes felt like nes)    This made the Switch game feeling like a 3ds game make more sense.   Now I'm intrigued to try the full version of the switch game, but also still hesitant to plunk down full price. Oh what to do.