TooLongDidn’tWatch - GhostwireTokyo Stream Summary Review in progress.mp3


Mar 24 2022 • 9 mins

Hi, long time no content here.   I have a new series for the podcast called 'Too Long Didn't Watch (TLDW).    After every stream with a game I will summarize my thoughts on that game with a quick review in progress episode. It'll be uploaded here and to the youtube channel with footage from the game.   Today is after two long sessions with Ghostwire: Tokyo.  I was inspired to do it since I had such a different reaction to the game the second session. I went from being very unimpressed to locking into the game's flow and really enjoying it. I also think it's the most efficient way to create a lot of podcast episodes and to give people a cliffs notes of the streams who don't want to watch 3-4 hour episodes. I've been skipping my hockey team's 2.5 hour games and just watching 10 minute condensed highlights myself, and also cherry picking the highlighted SNL sketch videos, so why not here.    Thanks to Solace for being the podcast's number one fan and for hanging out on the stream with me today.  Cheers