#49 David Muallem

Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba

Dec 13 2022 • 1 hr 37 mins

Running a club properly, like really, really well, requires an attention to detail that is rarely appreciated by the average attendee. During his time at Bob Beaman and BLITZ in Munich, David Muallem has shown an unusual flare in that department and delivered a couple of really special venues.

He is also a highly accomplished DJ who has rocked many of the most notable dancefloors across the world.

This is the first time we've welcomed a guest who has this level of hands-on experience with the running of venues, and as such we get a level of insight here which is really exciting. David is a hugely thoughtful guy who continues to make a huge contribution to the underground dance scene.

So we talk about all that, as well as his formative experiences in clubs and record shops around the world, door policies, and the outlook for the industry over the coming years.

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