Le Batard & Friends - Mystery Crate

Mike Ryan, Billy Gil, Roy Bellamy, and Chris Cote

Mystery Crate will serve as a random grab bag of weekly topics curated and created by varying members of the "LeBatard & Friends" universe. You'll never know who or what an episode may bring. It's a mystery some would say. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Le Batard & Friends - Mystery Crate podcast is a random mix of entertaining commentary on everything from sports to pop culture. Dan Le Batard leads this witty group of content creators and podcast hosts. Dan is a former ESPN TV show host. He used to write about sports for the Miami Herald. His friends include cohost Jon "Stugotz" Weiner, who has a podcast called Stupodity. They also cohost the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Other cohosts include producer Chris Cote and social media expert Juju Gotti.

Based in Miami, they create weekly podcast episodes featuring special guests. Le Batard et al produces a variety of entertaining content for their community. Dan interviews sports stars and celebrity guests on the South Beach Sessions podcast. Le Batard & Friends - Mystery Crate stands apart as a random mixture of topics curated by team members. Each episode will surprise listeners as they discuss topics from films to UFC.

A recurring topic on the podcast is the space western TV series The Mandalorian. Two hosts convene to discuss the latest episodes. Anthony Mayes, the podcast's producer, runs the episode as Darth Cornpuzzle. Cohost Darth Amin joins him. For fans of The Mandalorian, these episodes provide hilarious commentary on the show. The pair also reveal their extensive knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy.

The show's Darth Amin is sports commentator Amil Elhassan. As well as sharing his passion for Star Wars, he joins to chat about the latest NFL action. In one episode, this leads to everyone singing NFL theme tunes. As with Le Batard & Friends - Mystery Crate, the team never stays on topic for long. The episode leads to debates on what "lol" means to an unexpected end of a chat about the NFL.

Another example of random conversations is in the episode "Two Hundred-Twelve." The team discusses fringe friend groups. It's that awkward moment of meeting someone who's more like an acquaintance than a friend. Cohost Jess recommends leaving one's hometown to avoid similar situations.

Le Batard & Friends - Mystery Crate podcast welcomes listeners to join them as they chat about the world and make fun of each other. Every episode is random and unexpected, but filled with entertainment and humor.

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