The Fine Alchemy of the Masculine and Feminine

Boundless Love

Mar 29 2022 • 51 mins


What would happen if we all were to arrive to the recognition that all of the qualities of the Masculine and the Feminine are already inside of us?

And if we all surrender to the ease of living from our most natural state?

When the Masculine and Feminine meet inside of us, we meet life from our intrinsic worthiness, without the aching need for anything from the external world.

And when we find alignment, women living life embodying the Feminine principle and men the Masculine principle…

We feel at home.

We feel the happiest, and we feel at ease.

And then…

We become accessible to ecstasy.

Tune in to this episode and dive with me into the essential wisdom of the awakened meeting of the Feminine and the Masculine and how to create relationships that are in service of humanity.

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