The Ignorance Manifesto

Mark and Ryan

The Ignorance Manifesto is a discussion podcast in which two animals, Mark and Ryan, attempt to make sense of a progressively complex society.

Believe them when they say that they are, by no means, “experts” or “intellectuals” on the hot button issues of the week.

While they strive to touch on current events, there are no limits to what you may hear on the show.

Bear in mind that these two animals are the products of the millennial generation and are thus uninterested in political correctness or wokeness.

From various big brain topics like culture, politics, and economics, to mindless rantings on zombie apocalypses, meme stocks, and North Korean sleeper agents, these wild boys are sure to provide you with an enjoyable listening experience!

“We’re just built different.” - 🐻🦝

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