Carl Bahner: Outreach, Input vs Output, and Communicating the Care

Progressions: Success in the Music Industry

Jan 5 2022 • 1 hr 24 mins

This week’s guest is producer and mixer Carl Bahner. Carl has mastered the art of working remotely, having worked with artists in 16 countries. His credits include artists such as Transviolet, St Lucia, Joywave, and Hippo Campus. Prior to working full time behind the glass Carl toured all over North America and the UK playing drums for the band Cheerleader. In addition to all that, he coaches fellow engineers and producers on how to build client rosters full of music they are passionate about and hosts a music business podcast that promotes self-reflection and proactivity. We have a great chat about input vs output goals, narrowing your target audience, and the importance of making decision based on passion. In this episode, we'll dig in on... Work ethic and determination Asking yourself "Why is this important to me" before taking a gig The musician hustle: Gigs, sessions, lessons Building a studio Caring why you press a button, not what the button does Knowing when to use your music theory and when to not Positioning yourself for success Setting aside time for client outreach Learning to do remixes by passing time on the tour bus Remote assistants and delegation Earning and deserving word of mouth Learn More About Carl Bahner... Website: ( Instagram: ( Listen to Carl's "Thanks for Thinking" podcast (HERE)! Our Sponsors: Sign Up for Complete Producer Network (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Beats Accelerator Process (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Mix Accelerator Process (HERE)! Other Links: Join my ( Studio and get behind the scenes of Progressions! (Give Me a Coffee Cup!) Support Progressions on (Patreon)! Sign up for the (Progressions Mailing List) (Gear and Recommended Reading List) Instagram: ( Facebook: ( Twitter: ( Learn more about Travis: ( Credits: Guest: Carl Bahner Host: Travis Ference Editor: (Stephen Boyd) Theme Music: inter.ference