Blockchain Music Investment, Ending Artistic Poverty, and the Power of Practice | with Mark Miller of

Progressions: Success in the Music Industry

Aug 17 2022 • 51 mins

Today’s guest is musician and music business entrepreneur Mark Miller. Mark is the co-founder and CEO of Labelcoin, a revolutionary Web 3.0 based song exchange that allows fans to invest in the next big song. Mark and his team are working to usher in a new era for the music industry in which artists’ future revenues are brought forward to the present day with the ultimate goal of stamping out artistic poverty. Prior to his work with Labelcoin, Mark spent a decade as a touring recording artist before starting several businesses designed to help artists build their careers, including a national booking agency and a video and photography production company. We have a great chat about creating a blockchain based music investment platform, the importance of marketing for musicians, the difference between an amateur and a professional, and what one of the biggest things holding artists back is. In this episode we'll dig in on... Utilizing blockchain technology to support musicians Humility is always the best way forward Making $120k a year playing college shows and touring Why most musicians and artists give up How to value a catalog's future earnings How blockchain backed song shares could replace producer and mixer points The importance of welcoming people into your creative process The difference between an amateur and a professional A fan's money should go to the artists that they listen to Branding and marketing for independent artists Practicing your stage banter Not living and dying by the numbers "Free to Focus" by Michael Hyatt ( (here)) Travis' Intro: Excuses, Procrastination, and Avoidance Learn More About Mark Miller and Labelcoin... Website: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: ( LinkedIn: ( Our Sponsors: Sign Up for Complete Producer Network (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Beats Accelerator Process (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Mix Accelerator Process (HERE)! Other Links: Join my ( Studio and get behind the scenes of Progressions! (Give Me a Coffee Cup!) Support Progressions on (Patreon)! Sign up for the (Progressions Mailing List) (Gear and Recommended Reading List) Instagram: ( Facebook: ( Twitter: ( Learn more about Travis: ( Credits: Guest: Mark Miller Host: Travis Ference Editor: (Stephen Boyd) Theme Music: inter.ference