Dee Kei Waddell: Setting Boundaries, Giving Value, and the Mixing Music Podcast

Progressions: Success in the Music Industry

Jun 22 2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

Today’s guest is recording studio owner, mixer, podcast host, and entrepreneur Dee Kei Waddell. Not only has he worked with artists such as Kanye West and The Game, but his podcast Mixing Music, is one of the top shows in the industry. His interests don’t stop with music though. He is also a co-author of three children’s books and a co-founder of LaunchPod Media, a podcast marketing and analytics firm. We have a great chat about the importance of setting boundaries, why he mixes bass first, how to build a personal brand, and why you should make a career out of the things you’d do for free. In this episode we'll dig in on... Finding the entrepreneurial spirit Mixing 1000 songs in a year Hating inefficiency Music as a form of therapy Applying the general principles of economics to your music career There's no such thing as emergencies, people can wait The importance of giving back and how that can help you grow Building a personal brand Shadow testing and advertising Hacking the algorithm with SEO to increase discoverability Being a plug-in hipster (The Go Giver) (4 Hour Work Week) (Atomic Habits) Learn More About Dee Kei Waddell... Dee Kei Website: ( Mixing Music Podcast: ( Children's Books: ( Instagram: ( Our Sponsors: Sign Up for Complete Producer Network (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Beats Accelerator Process (HERE)! Get on the Waitlist for The Mix Accelerator Process (HERE)! Other Links: Join my ( Studio and get behind the scenes of Progressions! (Give Me a Coffee Cup!) Support Progressions on (Patreon)! Sign up for the (Progressions Mailing List) (Gear and Recommended Reading List) Instagram: ( Facebook: ( Twitter: ( Learn more about Travis: ( Credits: Guest: Dee Kei Waddell Host: Travis Ference Editor: (Stephen Boyd) Theme Music: inter.ference