Winning the Challenger Sale


Win the sales moments that matter, every day. Take a deep dive into the day-to-day skills and behaviors proven to win in complex selling and buying environments. Hosted by the team that brought you the best-selling books, "The Challenger Sale" and "The Challenger Customer."

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Our Editor's Take

Winning the Challenger Sale explores the latest techniques for selling business-to-business enterprise solutions. The podcast stems from producer Challenger Inc.'s book The Challenger Sale. Like the book, the podcast explores the latest of Challenger Inc.'s research findings. The business research firm team hosts the podcast. They want to help sales reps to become higher performers. The program offers top sales training tips.

Winning the Challenger Sale questions conventional B2B sales processes and business methods. The Challenger approach focuses on having strong customer conversations to create customer loyalty. Hosts promote a more consumer-centric sales process and explain how to become a relationship builder. Each episode empowers sellers with the latest data-driven sales strategies and best practices.

Listeners of Winning the Challenger Sale learn about message creation. They get information on how to train clients to understand their solutions. Hosts explore implementation support and more to help others become sales leaders. The podcast keeps up with global trends involving complex sales. Hosts from the company include Andee Harris, CEO of Challenger, and Matt Dixon, coauthor of The Challenger Sale.

One episode that garners attention explores the often-tricky world of negotiation. Guest hosts John Shea and Mike Randazzo talk with Challenger's Lauren Graves, Head of Learning and Design. The team visits sales ideas like "sizing the pie" versus "protecting the pie." They address common surprises sales teams face during negotiations. They also talk about remedies for the pre-negotiation panic salespeople often experience.

The podcast runs monthly themes, so episodes feel like a series. One month, the team explored creating mutual close plans with buyers. Different hosts interviewed guests from outside Challenge Inc. In one episode, host Jen Allen spoke with Anthony Natoli. Natoli is the strategic account executive of the business-tech platform Lattice. Natoli offered ideas for staying organized through the process. He emphasized making the client feel like they have controlled the outcome.

Other monthly themes explore curiosity in the sales process, social selling, and storytelling. Guests include CEOs, data analysts, and heads of sales worldwide. Winning the Challenger Sale episodes air weekly and are twenty to thirty minutes long.

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#95: Customer Messaging that Seals the Deal
Oct 31 2023
#95: Customer Messaging that Seals the Deal
Think of your sales pipeline as less like a funnel and more like a subway map — your sellers can take multiple routes to close, as long as they head in the right general direction. It’s up to you to identify each customer’s unique journey — and that can’t be done without explicit efforts to foster relationships and customer-led growth. Building trust with customers is essential for the future — yet many sales professionals take a shortsighted view that extends only to closing deals. Moving away from a transactional mindset and toward customer-led growth is all about how we view and treat the pipeline, according to Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing.In today’s episode, Andee and Matt confront the many misconceptions surrounding customer relationships, highlighting the necessity of challenging customers to uncover their true needs and the crucial role of the user committee and user journey alongside the buying committee in B2B deals. Matt underscores the significance of sales and marketing alignment for complex deals, shedding light on the collaborative approach between the two teams and the pivotal role of tailored content in securing customer engagement and loyalty. This episode is full of practical tips and examples of effective sales positioning, common pitfalls in discovery, and the transformative power of community in customer retention.In this episode:Challenging customer assumptions for business success and treating each customer like a VIPHow cross-departmental alignment around customer engagement bring clarity and profitabilityCrafting tailored content and community building to expand and deepen your customer base
#88: A Practical Guide to Creating a Kick-Ass SKO
Sep 12 2023
#88: A Practical Guide to Creating a Kick-Ass SKO
Q4 will be here before you know it — and right after those three months of excitement comes the sales kickoff. And if you want to make sure your SKO brings your sellers together and sends them into 2024 with clarity and purpose, now is the time to begin planning it. Covid continues to impact the SKO planning process, as many organizations balance the advantages of virtual and hybrid events with the community building that takes place when you bring your team together in one room. Whatever path makes the most sense for your organization, our guests today make it clear that the place to start is with a vision statement — and from there you can layer on the creative elements, education, content, speakers, and swag that makes for a standout SKO. Sailpoint continuously goes above and beyond as they deliver top-quality SKOs that fuel growth. So it was a genuine delight to bring in Barrett Sellers, VP of global revenue enablement, and Robin Barde, associate manager of global revenue enablement to discuss the practical and replicable approaches they take to designing a kick-ass SKO, which you can emulate as you launch your team into the new year. We discuss:Why you need a vision deck, a whiteboard (or two), and a t-shirt cannon to fully visualize your SKOHow to navigate the unexpected challenges in the shift from virtual to in-personThe importance of fun, creative elements, and networking opportunities throughout your SKO to create a sense of communityIdentifying the right speaker mix — from ensuring diversity to reinforcement and inspiration