TPT#23 - Holy Absurdity, Petman!

TransPanTastic: Transgender parenting, work, marriage, transition, and life!

Aug 17 2013 • 24 mins

Life is crazy. Kids are definitely crazymaking, but sometimes the pets are worse. Or maybe they're better, depending on your attitude and preferred level of crazy. Our three dogs are in their twilight years, and it shows. A is a deaf and senile, B is blind, and C is just kinda stupid. They're all expensive, but the kids love them and they had George before Jess did so she'll let them stay. We can be found online at http://TransPanTastic.net/, you can email us at TransPanTastic@gmail.com, and "TransPanTastic" is searchable on most social networks. We would love to hear from you, so let us know what you think or what you want to hear about!