120. Define Your Why: Featuring Barbara Bray

Aspire to Lead

Oct 9 2020 • 30 mins

Today, I wanted to bring on someone to help us reflect and refocus on what is important in our profession. As we are being challenged each day, it is so vital that we discover our “why”. Why do we work with students and Why do we lead in education? This week’s guest, Barbara Bray, shares how we can use our creativity, passion, and talents to revolutionize our profession. In this Episode, we discuss:
  • Growing as a Leader through Stories
  • Redefining Virtual Learning
  • Coaching through Observation and Listening
  • And “Define Your Why”

About Barbara Bray:

Barbara Bray is a creative learning strategist on a mission to transform teaching to make learning more authentic and meaningful. On her website Rethinking Learning, she shares stories, events, and journeys of inspirational educators and difference makers, along with hosting the Rethinking Learning podcast. She also co-hosts the #rethink_learning Twitter chat every other Monday at 4p PT. Barbara is the founder/owner of My eCoach where she coined the term "Making Learning Personal" in 2002. She is the co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning.   Barbara published her new book, Define Your Why: Own Your Story So You can Live and Learn on Purpose February 2020 and has been doing keynotes and webinars on re-defining your WHY during this time of crisis.  #defineyourwhy

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