Protecting Confidential Information: Brandon Blackwell and Jason Balich

IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield

Jun 15 2022 • 17 mins

Patent owners face many challenges when it comes to protecting confidential information in today’s collaborative and interconnected world. In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, attorneys Brandon Blackwell and Jason Balich discuss some of the common challenges and mistakes, as well as offer helpful suggestions for planning and safeguarding secrets.

Brandon is a shareholder in the Chemicals & Materials Technologies Practice at Wolf Greenfield. He helps clients build and maintain patent portfolios and implement patent strategies that help them achieve their business goals. Brandon’s practice encompasses a range of areas - from patent prosecution and post-grant activities to IP transactions and portfolio management strategy.

Jason is a trial and appellate lawyer in Wolf Greenfield’s Litigation Practice. He protects clients’ technology and defends their freedom to use it. Jason’s experience includes successfully defending a variety of patent owners—from manufacturers to public universities. He also focuses his practice on trade secrets.

Here are some highlights from this episode:

01:05 – The speed and ubiquity of the Internet have fostered collaboration and innovation, but also increased risks

02:21 – Some of the most common mistakes made by patent owners

03:14 – Tips for preparing an effective protection plan

05:18 – Specifying what information can be shared

06:45 – An overview of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

11:19 – The importance of an expert IT team for sharing and protecting confidential information

12:20 – Suggestions for employee training

14:40 – The benefits of proper information protection and the consequences of not properly safeguarding information