Making Diversity and Inclusion a Priority in the Legal Industry

IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield

Sep 1 2021 • 19 mins

How far must the legal community as a whole—and intellectual property law, particularly—go to achieve ubiquitous diversity and inclusion? According to Wolf Greenfield shareholder Christina Licursi, quite a way. However, she’s encouraged by the changes she’s seen in the industry and in IP in recent months.

In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Christina shared her thoughts on creating a more diverse legal workforce and areas where Wolf Greenfield is attempting to affect real change.

01:05 - Diverse hiring is a critical need in the legal industry.

03:13 - Christina shares strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent.

05:40 - Firms must address the return to the office with a balanced approach and improve diversity and inclusion efforts.

07:40 - Having diversity doesn’t necessarily mean an organization is being inclusive.

09:38 - Christina believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to hold their colleagues and organization accountable for creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

11:29 - The pandemic has had a more significant impact on women.

12:35 - Christina shares her three-part approach to promote diversity and inclusion.

15:15 - On the difference between transactional leadership and transformative leadership.

17:08 - How to make good on promises of diversity and inclusion initiatives.