An Update on Patent Prosecution Trends with Jon Roses

IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield

Mar 7 2022 • 25 mins

Attorney Jonathan Roses is a shareholder in Wolf Greenfield’s Pharmaceutical Practice Group. He works with life sciences companies in a variety of areas, including small molecule pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical formulations, medical devices and surgical methods.

In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Jon provides insights on a variety of topics, including international patent prosecution, Section 101 reforms, Orange Book challenges and “skinny labels." Here are a few of the highlights:

00:41 - Jon’s love of chemistry

04:16 - Current challenges in patent procurement

06:01 - Strategies for protecting IP and how to minimize risk

07:52 - Key considerations for international patent prosecution

10:48 - Why have there been fewer challenges to Orange Book patents at the USPTO?

12:53 - Induced infringement trends - what’s happening with “skinny labels,” aka Section 8 carve-outs?

16:15 - An update on potential reforms for Section 101, the issue of patent eligible subject matter

19:14 - Will the Supreme Court take any challenges to patent eligible subject matter?

20:12 - How the increase in discretionary denials of post-grant proceedings impacts patent holders.

23:08 - Some thoughts on the success of Wolf Greenfield’s post-grant group