Ashton Buswell - How to Sell 22 solar Deals in a Day

The D2D Podcast

May 3 2022 • 40 mins

How about 22 solar deals in one day?

We expect you to scream, “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!” until we tell you Ashton Buswell has done it. More excitingly, Ashton got some of these sales in a city as congested as San Diego.

Yeah, you read that right! Ashton, who has been in door-to-door sales since 2005, has been closing 20+ solar deals daily and even clocking 149 deals in one quarter!

But how does he manage this outstanding feat?

The legendary Ashton, now VP of Sales Acceleration at LGCY Power, where he champions a 2500+ sales/month team, gives us an overwhelming education on this podcast on how he reached those heights.

  • Among many other insights, you will learn Ashton’s coveted hacks on:
  • Maximizing authenticity leadership to amplify team potential
  • Enjoying work-life harmony despite consistently delivering premium results
  • The ideal time you should knock daily
  • How to leverage urgency to speed up contract signing
  • Getting customers to commit to reduce cancels
  • How many NOs before opting out of a door

Enjoy and learn!