Selling Financing for Solar the Right Way - Emily WIlson

The D2D Podcast

Apr 12 2022 • 38 mins

Financing is one of the biggest challenges reps face when selling solar to homeowners.

Many reps struggle to present the financing options in an attractive way the homeowner finds minimally intimidating.

How can you get the homeowner who can’t independently finance a solar home improvement project to accept a solar loan facility?

This is what Emily Wilson beautifully teaches us in this podcast. Emily is an account executive at BrightOak Energy, one of the leading alternative energy financing companies in the United States.

Aside from her financial aptitude, Emily knows door-to-door sales more than the back of her hand. She sold solar and alarm since 2010.

In this podcast, you will learn valuable and actionable insights on:

  • Overcoming homeowner’s unwillingness to become indebted for a solar project
  • Specifically pinpointing the loan product for homeowners without overwhelming them
  • Demonstrating the flexibility of a solar loan product to a homeowner
  • Understanding the relationship between credit score and solar loans interest rates
  • Managing declines for customers with poor credit to close them later
  • Keeping customers engaged before installation to prevent cancelation

Listen and learn!