Christopher Hill and Jordon Price - Installing a super-productive work culture in your team

The D2D Podcast

Apr 26 2022 • 34 mins

The door-to-door space is notorious for its poor retention, with reps bouncing from one company to another. How can you recruit and retain A-class reps, build the right work culture, and aggressively scale growth?

We brought Christopher Hill and Jordon Price on this episode to give us an insider a workable blueprint on this. Chris and Jordon manage Brightside Roofing, rapidly scaling it from a company that did $2m in sales last year to one that is well in line to record $20m in sales this year.

  • On this podcast, they share valuable insights that work for them on:
  • Setting core values and uncompromising standards to hold your employees to
  • Authoritatively projecting your vision to reps and showing how theirs fit in
  • Installing a formidable mentality on your reps that enables them to withstand setbacks
  • Building firm systems and frameworks for escalating growth
  • Optimizing educational programs to ensure new reps can hit the ground running
  • Leading with empathy and showing reps you care for their long-term growth

Listen and grow!