Halshack-- (Shack Tracks--AMAZON EXCLUSIVE) Ep 1-- (ALEXA, PLAY the BLUES)--OCT 2020-- bonus show

Halshack Indie Rockcast

Oct 16 2020 • 34 mins

Welcome to the HALSHACK good folks at AMAZON MUSIC!! Introducing my brand new EXCLUSIVE series that I can offer "ONLY AMAZON" due to my unique relationship with the host provider BUZZSPROUT!

6 years ago (OCT 16, 2014) I launched my first podcast under the guidance of the awesome team at REPUTATION RADIO in the UK! They provided me a wonderful vehicle for inception and for that I am eternally grateful!

Well 3 years ago major stars started finding out about me through bands projects they were involved with and backing. I was so honored to first land brilliant California indie band MAGIC GIANT on my show. That led me to earn the credits of the cool and talented FRANKIE MUNIZ first then super honored and proud to have STEVIE NICKS back an exclusive project with PAPER JACKETS and 100% authorized and approved new version of (Stand Back). The entire album was never released due to complications so I was handed the album as an exclusive and "NO ONE" on the planet is authorized to play or promote but ME.

I AM VERY HONORED to have their support. Then indirectly connected again through  another band on a KESHA project and was authorized to run VERSECITY's super cool super special version of (TIK TOK "ROK")

So 2 years ago I started a bonus theme series on OCT 13, 2018 (HALLOWSHACK). I ran one of the exclusive PAPER JACKETS songs. (NIGHT TIME KILLERS). After that I started picking up my frequency of episodes and better quality bands and artists and the show has grown quite immensely for a multitude of reasons!

Well its time for our "NIGHT TIME KILLERS" to make another appearance for this OCT 13 special!! You CAN ONLY HEAR THIS SONG ON MY SHOW!

ITS NOT RELEASED ANYWHERE on the planet but my show! You cant stream it or download it or play it anywhere! This is super special and exclusive only to my show as well as most of the music you will hear on my show are artists that choose to only work with me and promote them on my show. Its quality through and through, they know I will treat them fair and with ONLY high quality content every show as to match theirs every time!

Well 2 years later,  we are heard and somewhat known in 100 countries. Aired on several radio stations overseas and looking for advancement and investment here in the US or anywhere in the world! Ive done this for free for 6 years and so have the bands! Its time we all get to move forward and change the music industry to what we need again.

FUN HAPPY MUSIC that you can sing with your kids and and not fight over the radio. The times were different back when happy tunes with great writing that you remember and the tune sticks in your head!! We also had "MTV". I brought that back too at my website!!