Max Sage Makes the Judges Eat it on Chopped

Feast of Fun: Gay Talk Show

May 22 2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

“Love is my secret ingredient!”

One of the most outrageous and charming drag performers I’ve had a pleasure of sharing a stage with is Austin, Texas’ very own Max Sage . better known as Ms. Anne Thrope. Max is an accomplished chef and recently wowed Food Network judges on Chopped Sweets, a cooking competition where 4 confectionery artists are tasked with making delicious desserts from some pretty weird ingredients.

As a pastry chef, Max certainly has an incredibly tasteful palette, but onstage as a drag queen she lets her wicked witchery loose and causes a scandal wherever she goes.


Today pastry chef, drag queen and wild child Max Sage joins us to reflect back on his reality TV contest appearance on Food Network’s Chopped Sweets and her rebellious nature as a drag queen in Austin, Texas.


• How to dodge the TV censors with double entendres.

• Neil Patrick Harris apologizes for his Amy Winehose corpse charcuterie plate ten years later.