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#359-Client Spotlight: Ken Klika (3 of 4)#358-Client Spotlight: Stephanie Duffy (2 of 4)#357-Client Spotlight: Amy McNair (1 of 4)#356-Dr. Bo Babenko: Revolutionizing The Physical Therapy Profession (4 of 4)#355-Dr. Bo Babenko: The 5 Pillars Of Health (3 of 4)#354-Dr. Bo Babenko: Long Term Fitness (2 of 4)#353-Dr. Bo Babenko: Is It Time For Your Annual Orthopedic Screening? (1 of 4)#352-Kaleen Canevari: Using Technology To Coach Movement (4 of 4)#351-Kaleen Canevari: Mindfulness (3 of 4)#350-Kaleen Canevari: Conscious Competence (2 of 4)#349-Kaleen Canevari: An Introduction To Pilates (1 of 4)#348-Sarah Campbell: Matters Of Perspective (4 of 4)#347-Sarah Campbell: Process Oriented Or Personal Oriented? (3 of 4)#346-Sarah Campbell: A Simple Look At How Our Brains Work (2 of 4)#345-Sarah Campbell: The Continuum Of Life Experience (1 of 4)#344-Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: What You Should Know About Lipids And Your Diet (4 of 4)#343-Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: Overweight And Healthy? (3 of 4)#342-Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: Understanding Weight Loss Medications (2 of 4)#341-Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: Introducing LiftRx (1 of 4)#340-Kate Galliett: "Becoming Unbreakable" (4 of 4)