Cow-Side Conversations

Center for Dairy Excellence

“Cowside Conversations” is a monthly podcast brought to you by the Center for Dairy Excellence. We’ve heard time and time again that dairy farmers learn the most from other dairy farmers. So, in this podcast we’re going to share real-time farmer insight, tricks of the trade, and inspiring stories from dairies across Pennsylvania.
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Episode 1: John Kline shares how transition planning has helped his family and allows him to give backEpisode 12: Emily Montgomery gives an honest look at the rewards and challenges of starting a cheese-making businessEpisode 11: Brett Reinford opens up about farm accident and shares methane digester revenue streamsEpisode 10: Josh Waddell describes how to control energy costs and make other efficienciesEpisode 9: Walt Moore gives go-to strategies for controlling feed costs in the midst of record-high grain pricesEpisode 8: Duane Hershey shares how genomics are strengthening herd performance and longevity (Special June Dairy Month episode)Episode 7: Chuck Carr opens up about mental health after barn fire and traumatic brain injuryEpisode 6: Jason Frye shares the power of a business plan — and how it guided his 40-cow dairy into the value-added spaceEpisode 5: Alan Waybright discusses low cost improvements and outside consultantsEpisode 4: Carissa Westrick shares insight about their value-added and agritourism effortsEpisode 3: Tony Brubaker shares how tracking dry matter intake makes a big impactEpisode 2: Nate Heim discusses vaccination protocols and biosecurityEpisode 1: Mark Mosemann shares risk management strategyCowside Conversations Trailer