The Terpenes and Testing Podcast with Dr. Jason Lupoi, Editor in Chief

MACE Media Group

At long last, we bring you Terpenes & Testing: The Podcast! This broadcast is hosted by Terpenes & Testing's editor-in-chief, Dr. Jason S. Lupoi. Dr. Lupoi's chats with thought-leaders, scientists, policymakers, physicians, cultivators, and many other industry leaders will take you on an audible journey across the cannabis and psychedelics science frontier. Two core mantras underlining this podcast as a whole are to highlight how botanical plants can help humankind in therapeutic ways and empower us to reach better qualities of life, and to always have Mother Earth in mind as we cultivate the plants and manufacture the medicinal products. We'll be bringing you all of the same types of content that you have become accustomed to as a T&T reader, but now you can listen to these conversations while you're on the go! read less