Magus Elgar

Kennedy Phillips

Within the Multiverse sits a fantastic magical realm. This is the world of Magus Elgar. When you’re traveling though the magical world of Hearth, magic is as dangerous as it is exciting. It’s important to have a great magus to guide your way. It’s a shame he’s as clueless as any of us. With luck, he might finally have a student that lives through the lessons.

Join Magus Elgar and his colleagues -

Udo Malakki, Apprentice to the Magus who merely wants to survive

Doctor Graw Horatio, caffeine addict and somniphobic scientist

Kaylee Fawn, part-time science intern and moonlighting villainess in secret

As they scour Hearth for S.T.A.M.P.s (Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Power). Ssearching for a way to diffuse them before reality is ripped apart. Will they recover them before we're all cursed to the Unblinking? Not if disgruntled ministers, breaded nugget velociraptors, and pun-frothing mathemagicians have anything to say about it!

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