Episode 261-The Voyage of Caregiving and Legal Planning for Special Needs with Vickie Rubin


Mar 11 2024 • 37 mins

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Navigating the complex currents of special education and parenting a child with a disability can feel like an insurmountable challenge, but Vickie Rubin has charted this territory with grace and resilience. Her journey, which encompasses both her personal life as a mother to Jessica and her professional career as an advocate, is rich with insights that offer support to families on similar paths. In our heartfelt conversation, we peel back the layers of family dynamics, the weight of tough choices, and the lifelines of humor and hope that sustain those in the thick of it.

Raising a child with a disability often reshapes a family's world, something Vickie Rubin knows all too well. She opens up about the strain these challenges can place on marriages, the unique experiences of siblings, and the vast landscape of emotions that accompany caregiving. Siblings, the unsung heroes in these narratives, bring forth a tapestry of resilience, as they navigate their own social worlds while supporting their family. As a caregiver myself, I interweave my experiences, reflecting on the profound lessons in compassion and the subtle shifts in perspective that shape us.

Stitching together a future for a child with special needs encompasses more than day-to-day care—it lays in the foundation of long-term planning and the cultivation of independence. Vickie takes us through Jessica's journey to build her own community and find joy in her everyday life through music therapy, technology, and friendships. We also illuminate the crucial role of special needs attorneys and the establishment of a Special Needs Trust, key components in securing a loved one's financial well-being. Vickie's engagement with her audience extends beyond our conversation, as her bi-monthly blogs and memoir, "Raising Jess: A Story of Hope," continue to offer resources and solace to families navigating this complex world.

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