Be Successful In A Collaboration Economy

Forget Patience, Let’s Sell Something!

Jul 17 2014 • 56 mins

This is how you take control of your future and your finances. brbr The world and the world of business are rapidly changing. There has never been a greater surge of people becoming entrepreneurs in history. This has created a dramatic increase in competition, and it’s causing many sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs just like you to worry about the future success of their business and livelihood. brbr Those who continue to do business today the same way they did even a year ago are discovering it’s only getting harder, more stressful, and less profitable. As the information age comes to an end, and the age of collaboration kicks in, it will be the entrepreneurs who understand this NEW ECONOMY that will secure their position at the top of their industry. brbr In this compelling interview, Topher Morrison will share with you the strategies for how you can collaborate so your business doesn't disintegrate.