Nick's Nerd News

Nick DeFalco

You might not have asked for it, but here is a podcast that will bring you News about nerd culture, raw and unfiltered. Let Nick take you on a magical journey through Video Games, Movies, Comics and other geeky things. Theme Song: Science Fiction Movie, Var. 3(instrumental) - Royalty Free Music Maker

Episode 210: I got a fever, and the only prescription is more spiceEpisode 209: Getting back on the LunchboxEpisode 208: This is where the Fun BeginsEpisode 207: NNN: A Walking Dead SpinoffEpisode 206: How Could Anyone not Like you?Episode 205: LEGO x Sony Billionaire BlitzEpisode 204: The whole thing sounds pretty stupid to me!Episode 203: When the Slaps fall silentEpisode 202: No Delays HereEpisode 201: Is this thing On?Episode 200: 200 in the BagEpisode 199: Nick's Glorious ReturnEpisode 198: Scott's Big Break: A 101 League StoryEpisode 197: Nick's Nerd Living: A community for peopleEpisode 196: Good News Everyone!Episode 195: Sony's Moon is hauntedEpisode 194: Its a gaming world, were just living in itEpisode 193: What does $70b get meEpisode 192: A Zynga partyEpisode 191: Its 2022? Are you sure?