Yoga for The Rites of Passage with Sweet Momma Yoga


Dec 8 2020 • 58 mins

Our very first guest!!!! Listen to this episode and enjoy a special offer just for you!

On this episode, Exie is talking with Elise Bowerman, owner of Sweet Momma Yoga specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Since 2009, Elise has been teaching yoga in Southeast Michigan and established Sweet Momma Yoga in 2014.  She has a passion for working with birth-givers to help them gain increased self-awareness and peace during pregnancy in preparation for meeting their babies, as well as helping them adjust to the transition of the postpartum time.

Elise has built a loving community within yoga studios which includes training other yoga instructors to become affiliate teachers so that even more people can enjoy the support and benefits of Sweet Momma Yoga practices and philosophy.

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Contact Elise with any questions you have about Sweet Momma Yoga at elise@sweetmommayoga.com

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