Episode 5 - Laughter is the Best Medicine with Kathy Lewis

The Kara Bullock Podcast - Stories to Inspire Your Art and Business

Mar 15 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

This week on the podcast I am excited to present to you my fellow artist, colleague and dear friend, Kathy Lewis.  In this episode, Kathy and I talk about her earliest experiences with being creative, and the ways that her parents encouraged her to create.  Kathy discusses her lifelong love for math, and how this love turned into a very rewarding career at the secondary and university level.  She just recently retired, which was a tough decision, but as you will hear, no regrets!

Kathy is a mom to three, and she shares about raising kids with very different personalities.  You moms will learn a thing or two from this conversation!  I can’t wait for you to learn more about “wet ones - dry ones”!  In 2010, Kathy was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t expected to live more than six months from her diagnosis, but she did, she is in remission, and she shares about how laughter has really been the best medicine throughout her life!

Lastly, Kathy shares about how teaching online classes for our network has filled the void of teaching in person, and how she gains so much inspiration from everyone around her!  In case you didn’t know, Kathy has two online courses with our network, FAT AND HAPPY BIRDS, and LITTLE BOWL OF BEINGS.  Both of these courses have been a huge success, and through these courses, and other experiences, Kathy continues to inspire people all over the world!